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Combines documents by appending them divided by a new section, paragraph or nothing.


This method counts against the document quota.

Request Parameters

Query parameter Value Type Value
returnFormat String A string that specifies the format of the created document. Possible values are: PDF, PDFA, RTF, DOC, DOCX, HTML and TX.
test Boolean Optional. Specifies whether it is a test run or not. A test run is not counted against the quota and created documents contain a watermark. Not possible using the Free or Trial license.
Request body data Value type Value
ReportingCloud AppendBody object The AppendBody object contains the templates encoded as a Base64 strings and a ReportingCloud DocumentSettings object.

AppendBody object

Key Value type Value description
documents ReportingCloud AppendDocument object The documents that are appended including divider options.
documentSettingsupdated ReportingCloud DocumentSettings object Optional document settings to specify document properties such as title and author.

DocumentSettings object

Key Value type Value description
author String Optional. Sets the document's author.
creationDate DateTime (String) Optional. Sets the document's creation date which will be saved in the document.
lastModificationDate DateTime (String) Optional. Sets the date the document is last modified.
creatorApplication String Optional. Sets the application, which has created the document.
documentSubject String Optional. Sets the document's subject string which will be saved in the document.
documentTitle String Optional. Sets the document's title that will be saved in the document.
userPassword String Optional. Specifies the password for the user to open the document.

AppendDocument object

Key Value type Value description
document String The document as a Base64 encoded string.
documentDivider Integer The document divider option. Possible values: 1 (None), 2 (NewParagraph), 3 (NewSection)

Response Format

On success, the HTTP status code in the response header is OK (200). The response body contains the created document encoded as Base64 encoded string.

A Forbidden (403) is returned, if the user is not authorized or the document quota is exceeded.

A Bad Request (400) is returned, if no data is found in the AppendBody object or no documents uploaded.


Note: The code examples available for this method do not represent all supported programming languages.

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