Account Settings

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Returns the account settings

Response Format

On success, the HTTP status code in the response header is OK (200). The response body contains a ReportingCloud AccountSettings object.

AccountSettings object

Key Value type Value description
serialNumber String The serial number that is attached to the account. Possible values are FREE, TRIAL and a 13 character long serial number.
validUntil DateTime (String) Returns the date until the current subscription is valid. The date string includes the time zone of the server (UTC). Sample: 2016-06-06T11:25:44+00:00
createdDocuments Integer The number of created documents in the current month.
uploadedTemplates Integer The number of uploaded templates to the template storage.
maxDocuments Integer The maximum number of documents that can be created per month.
maxTemplates Integer The maximum number of templates that can be uploaded to the template storage.
proofingTransactionsupdated Integer The number of proofing transactions in the current month.
maxProofingTransactionsupdated Integer The maximum number of proofing transactions per month.


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